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The graceful and benevolent Fairy Frisette, whose Palace was in the cave of Saint-Maurice, protected the noble family Duin who were living in their cstle above Bex. In those days, however, if there were kind fairies, there were also evil ones. Among them was Fairy Turlure a true sorceress who had been expelled from her haunt in Les Diablerets by a landslide. As she was homeless, she asked Fairy Frisette to give her a refuge. The latter graciously welcomed her to her marvellous dwelling and gave her its upper part on condition that Turlure would not harm anyone in the region. For some time Turlure kept her promise. But, in the course of time, she could not help but doing arm : it was her destiny.

One day, as the two charming children of the castle of Duin were playing on the bank of the Rhône, she slyly approached them and hurled them into the river.Fairy Frisette had witnessed the drama. Thanks to her magic, she was on the spot in the twinkle of an eye and succeeded in saving the little victims. In her anger, she struck her rival who fell into the stream was drowned. But, in the heat of the moment, she broke the wand : she felt such sorrow that she left the region for ever.



The ham bone which hangs from the vault also has a story. Once upon a time, there was a really nice and pretty fairy who had chosen a bright husband for his precious qualities. One day as they were walking along the lake, she decided to kiss him at every twist and turn, there were 68 of them! They had already kissed 41 times and as she leaned her head back to receive the next kiss, she saw the 12 dwarfs of the cave hiding behind a big rock. Frisette called them and ordered them to stay there until her return. They all promised to obey her, but one of them named Pipo followed her to the meat safe and grabbed a ham. He and his friends ate it fast and silently. One after the other, they climbed on each other’s shoulders and planted the ham bone in the vault. Upon her return, Frisette saw the bone and understood what had happened. She guessed it was Pipo and grabbed him by the ears all the way to the meat safe. Pipo told her these sweet words : I left you the pig’s feet to calm the hunger that this romantic walk must have caused you. Frisette took Pipo down by the lake, whereas against the face of the mountain you can still see his effigy.