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The cave has been known for some immemorial years under the name : Trou aux Fayes. At the beginning of the Christian era, it served many times as refuge to the natives purchased by the barbarians who were invading the region.


In 1831, an expedition lead by Haller and Ott allows a distance of 600 meters to be reached from the entrance.


In 1864, a man will mark the history of the cave : the Chanoine Gard, professor at the Abbey College of St-Maurice. He was the responsible and organizer for important clearing and layout work. It is probably during this work that the passage leading to the lake was opened with the use of mines. The same year he decided to operate the cave in favour of Vérolliez’s Orphanage, of which he was the founder.


In 1865, he entrusted the direction of the cave to the congregation of Sisters of St-Maurice. The cave was renamed “Grotte aux Fées”, name more poetic than “Trou aux Fayes”. And as in Europe we were in the Romantic period, it was a success because the visit of a cave was like a dream come true.


In 1925, Fournier and Virieux got to the top of the waterfall and discovered the superior network. During nine hours, they continued their progression to get to what is certainly the actual terminus.


Since the first tourist operation lead by Chanoine Gard, the succession of the managers of the cave is the following :



1864-1924Sisters St-Maurice1955-1995 Family Peney
1924-1934Family Chevalet 1951-1955 Family Chablod
1934-1951 Family FournierDès 1995  Family Crittin-Reynard